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Jul 20 2013
A few (nice) words on the Rain Projects

Hi everyone, 
it's been a really hot summer in New York city, one of those insanely humid, temperature arrived to over 100 F (37 C) and humidity to over 70%, but this won't stop us from coding, and going to the beach on the weekend, right?

I wanted to give you an heads up on the Rain Projects, since the last news was in January. I've officially stop to maintain RainTPL 2, so no more improvements but you can still post issues on the github-issue page. RainTPL 3 is improving a lot, getting more stable and complete, and that's thanks to the community (all of you). Our next goal with RainTPL 3 will be to write more unit test to make it bullet proof. 

As you may noticed on my github page there a few new repos such as UserAgent, RainDB and RainForm, they all be part of the new Rain Framework 3, please follow them your stars are a good reason to bring this project ahead.

As latest (nice) news, I removed those annoying Google Ads from this site, considering the number of visitors (thanks!), ads they were a good way to found the RainProject but  without them the website looks clear and so it is nicer to navigate. 

As many of you have suggested to me, I'm adding a less invasive donate button into the credit page

for now that's pretty much it.
Jan 17 2013
RainTPL 3 final version online on Packagist

RainTPL 3 is been officially released and is been published on Packagist, so you'll be able to download it from github or install in your application with Composer (the suggested way). 
We also started to work on the documentation available as wiki on github, https://github.com/rainphp/raintpl3/wiki, so now you'll be able to contribute to the code and the documentation as well.

You can download RainTPL 3 from github:

Or with Composer with the following require:
    "require": {

For any feedback and questions you can write here:

Dec 24 2012
RainTPL on Composer
Sep 20 2012
Try.github the most amazing way to learn Github

That's the most amazing way to learn git and github: http://try.github.com/

Try it if you want to learn git to contribute to the RainTPL project or even to create your own repository. And please give feedback.


Sep 12 2012
RainTPL 3 progress

Slowly RainTPL 3 is moving forward thanks to the sinergy of our awesome community. In the meaning time we are also working on the RainCMS and preparing a wiki module to create the new documentation for RainTPL 3, hopefully will be ready in October.

Our challenge is to create the easier template engine for us (yes we use Rain) and obviously for all of you who want to create website with personality and in the simpler way, because we know that you want to save time on the configuration of scripts, permission and other amenities of PHP, so you can dedicate all your energy in the creation of the designs, backend or whatever you enjoy the most in the creation of a web projects.

Coding is cool and fun, keep it that way. 

Jul 20 2012
Rain on Cloud Server

You may notice that this website is going way faster, well we moved all Rain project websites on the cloud!

Now we are on Cloud Server on Rackspace, in the next few weeks we'll also upgrade the CMS with the new Rain CMS, and with the cache plugins, these websites will fly.